About Us

M/s Richa Engineering Works was Incorporated in the year 1996 under the entrepreneurship of Mr. P.K. Sharma with strong engineering base for manufacturing of wide range of Leaf spring Clamps, Parabolic Leaf spring Clamps, Engine Mounts, Rubber Bushes, Rubber Pads, Rubber molded Components & Sheet metal Fabricated components for both International & Domestic market of CAR , Multi Utility Vehicle, Light Commercial Vehicle , Medium commercial Vehicle& Heavy Commercial Vehicle.

M/s Richa Engineering Works was launched as inaugural industry of the Group and thereafter on successful performance, the business activities started growing in various directions like Automotive,Solar and Electric Vehicles.

Richa Engineering Works was pioneer industry in the group and has marked a phenomenal growth every year since incorporation.

Richa Engineering Works has affirmed its leadership through quality and committed to maintain quality standards, technical stability and customer satisfaction. From the onset, it has been a constant endeavor to achieve total manpower involvement in the manufacturing and other activities to produce the parts confirming to the highest standards of performance

Today, Richa Engineering Works is enjoying a prestigious status among the Leaf spring Component manufacturer and in the rating of original vehicle manufacturers.

Richa Engineering Works has acquired the status of the Best supplier by India’s Top manufacturers likeMahindra, Swiss Auto, ASHOK LEYLAND, TATA MOTORS, MARUTI, NAVI STAR, ISUZU, SWARAJ MAZDA, YORK .

Our Philosophy

As per the company’s philosophy, it has always given priority while investing on quality of manpower. Company is supported by a very strong team of experienced and qualified engineers down to a level of first line supervisor. The ongoing continuous training & development programs have been very successful in developing the technical expertise and best human qualities.

Our Capacity

Richa Engineering Works has an annual production capacity of 2400 metric Ton. State of the Art manufacturing facility and high degree of qualified team of technical people back the Company’s manufacturing facility. The testing facility on every stage of manufacturing assuring internationally acceptable standards and a team of research & development personnel are constantly involved in design and value engineering to get the best in the process of manufacturing.

Richa Engineering Works is an

ISO certified company