Richa Engineering Works has emerged as a front runner in the Indian auto component industry. The company is today an industry leader manufacturing high quality leaf spring Clamps, Electric Vehicle Spare Parts & Ubolts for a diverse range of vehicular applications. Richa Engineering Works is a leader for the manufacturing and supply to leading OEM, defence sector, EV manufacturers.

A formidable nexus of state-of-the-art technology, a highly professional and skilled team, fuelled by a vision to lead, has extended the marketing horizons of Richa Engineering Works. The company's products have been acclaimed internationally and readily accepted in the demanding markets of Europe & South East Asia.

The company possesses a high technology core, one that continuously assimilates the very latest in product development and manufacturing technology. Converyorised systems, an assemblage of state-of-the-art SPM's and a unique process of manufacturing, together constitute a configuration which is regarded as one of the best in the industry. At Richa Engineering Works, technological leadership is an all pervasive organisational objective.

Press Shop

  • Four C Typre mechanical press (100 Ton)

  • Four C Typre mechanical press (75 Ton)

  • Four C Typre mechanical press (50 Ton)

  • Five C Typre mechanical press (35 Ton)

For manufacturing a diverse range of Automotive Components, the company has three dedicated lines for Line manufacturing.

Rubber Molding Shop

  • Four Rubber Compression molding machines

  • One Rubber Mixing machine

  • One Rubber Sheet Cutting Machine (S.P.M.)

The company has Four Rubber Molding machines, with 8 station capacities. All the machines are Compression molding machines, to provide quality products for today's competitive market.

We have one Rubber Mixing Mill. It helps us to control the overall quality and consistency of our raw material.

Painting Line

  • The company has one Painting booth with conveyorised system. Both loose components and assemblies are painted on Conveyor.

  • Conveyor Lengths 430 Hangers

  • AC Drive Operated

  • Pneumatic Paint Storage Tank With Capacity 150lts.

  • Quick Dry Pain is used

  • Four fans help speed up the drying process

Welding Line

  • We have TIG Welding Machine

  • We have MIG Welding Machine

  • We have Argon Welding Machine

The company has its own full-fledged Welding facility. All equipment required for diverse client requirement are available.